Sacrifices of a Musician

Music as any other career requires one to be able to put his best foot forward so as to produce the best. For those who pursue music as a profession, find it more hectic than many people would imagine.

Being a musician is not about the singing, a lot is done behind the screens before a song is produced. This ranges from the writing and composing to the actual production of a song to the temptations of alcohol and women in the life of a travelling musician.

That is why, the job for musicians is more involving and tasking than meets the eye.

Let us look at some other sacrifices a musician makes in order to pursue his music and make it in the industry.

1. Long hours and late nights

A musician will keep long hours at the studio and even late nights so as to put his music together. This affects both the upcoming and established musicians. So why spend long hours making music is the question many people might ask.

The answer is simple, to make quality music that will gain you a place in the music charts as well as be remembered for a long time. In order to come up with quality music, one has to put long hours and spend late nights in the studio perfecting his music.

This leads to sleep deprivation for many professional musicians who get accustomed to the routine in the long run and do with a few hours of sleep.

2. Travelling

Being on the road is part and parcel of a professional musician’s life. Travelling comes with its downsides, especially if a musician is doing a tour. One, a musician gets to miss his family and two, it is difficult for him to adjust to a normal life once he is done with the tour.

Therefore, as much as a musician will make money from the shows and tours, he misses important family moments and does not get enough time as he would wish to spend with his family.

3. Poor eating habits

Due to the busy schedule of a musician, he has little time to spare to get himself a proper healthy meal. Long hours in studio, late nights, being on the road for tours or being holed up in a hotel room as he waits for the next show, leaves a musician with very little time to settle down and take a good meal. Most of the musicians resolve to eat take outs which are not healthy.

The pressure of living up to certain standards, also come with a price. A musician will indulge in some foods and drinks to keep up with the image the society has placed on him which might not be healthy.

4. Lack of exercise

We all know that work without play makes Jack a dull boy. A musician’s lifestyle leaves very little room for him to exercise. Exercise is very important to maintaining a healthy and fit body.

Therefore, when one forfeits exercise for the love of his career, it can be costly at the long run.

Being a professional musician comes with plenty of benefits but certainly not without some downsides.

Therefore, as a musician you should know how to balance the scales so as to enjoy your career as well as have a healthy lifestyle.

For further information on establishing a healthy lifestyle, whether a musician or not, seek help from an expert who’ll understand your lifestyle and tailor a wellness and weight loss program to assist you in finding your balance.